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Questions for the Founder 2

1) What age did you first feel inspired about becoming an entrepreneur?

I was 7 years of age. From that age I was very creative and business minded. I loved the idea of one day starting my own business.

2) If you could start your clothing brand again, would you still have chosen the name DETERMINED? If no, what would it have been?

Yes, I would have still chosen this name. DETERMINED is about a mindset and speaks of success. It's about achieving your goals despite the obstacles that you may face. You've just got to keep going!!

3) Why do you have your brand name in capital letters?

One reason: emphasis. DETERMINED is such an encouraging word, I had to make it stand out. I actually made the font for the word DETERMINED myself. I think if I had designed it in lower case lettering, I don't think it would have had the same effect. The capital letters make it bold and more engaging.

4) What's the best thing or things about being an entrepreneur?

The freedom of being your own boss, the beauty of seeing your own designs out there, and the belief that your ideas work.

5) How old are you?

I am the milestone 30!! :)

To give you an insight about DETERMINED Streetwear, we will be airing Questions for the Founder every 3 months; from July 2023, until January 2024. As this is the 2nd one, the final Questions for the Founder will be in January 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the brand that you'd like answered here, send an email to for a chance for your questions to be presented here.

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