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Questions for the Founder 1

1) What was the inspiration for creating a streetwear brand?

My passion for designing, and the fact I often wear the brand Adidas!! I combined the two inspirations to make my own brand. I've always wanted to create my own brand one day, but could never think of a name for what I would call it.

2) When did you think of the brand?

I thought about and began to create DETERMINED in November 2022.

3) Where did the name of the brand come from?

This follows on from the previous question. There was a day during November 2022 where I was feeling quite down, and I began reflecting on how I felt. The word "Determined" sprang to mind, and I said to myself "Hey, this sounds like the making of a brand."

The same day I began designing logo ideas and settled on the one "dD". I wanted this to mean my brand name in a shorter form. Determined begins and ends with the letter D, so I wanted it to mean: from start to finish, I am determined. From this moment, my brand was birthed from there.

I'd always wanted to start a streetwear brand, hence why I studied Graphic Design as one of my A-Levels, and also as a degree and graduated with a 2:1.

Everyone can overcome their setbacks. There are times I've been very low in my life. The lowest point was when I was 13, I became very suicidal and tried on many attempts over 4 years to end my life, but was never successful in doing so. It made me start to think there's got to be more to life than just wanting to die, and that there must be a reason I'm still alive.

When I was 17 I became a Christian, and I am still one today. I would hear about God, and even at school in RE I would question myself, is there really a God? I just didn't know, mainly because up until I became a Christian I used to think "well if there is a God, why am I so depressed, and just want to die". I would go to school and pretend like I was fine, but inside just wanted each day to be my last.

Growing up I didn't know whether or not to believe if there was a God, but after surviving those 4 terrible years, at 17 I was convinced that God exists, and I had a new way of thinking about life. Someone was keeping me alive, and it surely wasn't me. I believe we all have a purpose, we just need to find it.

My brand is for everyone, whether you are a Christian or not, because let's face it everyone has setbacks in life.

4) What's your favourite colour?

That's easy! Purple!

5) How do you think others can relate to this brand?

No one faces life without setbacks, so this relates to one of the previous questions, in that everyone has them. You just need to overcome them. Be determined!!

To give you an insight about DETERMINED Streetwear, we will be airing Questions for the Founder every 3 months; from July 2023, until January 2024, and the 2nd one being in October 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the brand that you'd like answered here, send an email to for a chance for your questions to be presented here.

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