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Questions for the Founder 3

1)  Did you have a certain age that you wanted to start your clothing brand by? If so what was the age?

Yes, definitely by 30, and I did!!

2) What advice would you give to anyone looking to launch their own clothing brand?

Do it!! Have enough money behind you to get the branding going though. The way I describe business as is look for a market that is in demand and is a necessity, in this case clothing. Add your spin on it with a catchy and meaningful message, and a clean cut logo. Once you've done this mix and match your garments with your design and see how they look together. Take some good camera shots with some models and there you have the beginnings of your brand!! If you don't give it a go, how will you ever know if it will work until you try?

3) Growing up did you have any musical influences, if so who?

Definitely. They were N-Dubz, Chip (Chipmunk) and Eminem, they were my inspiration musically growing as a teen. I used to get the nickname N-Dunkz for 3 reasons: my actual surname, the fact I love basketball (slam dunk) and how I always used to listen to N-Dubz as a teenager.

4)  What city are you from?

I was born Birmingham, England, and have lived here all my life. 

5) Was there ever a time while you were setting up DETERMINED that you ever wanted to give up!!

Yes!! During finding the right supplier stages. The research for finding the correct companies to work with was a long process, but I believe God helped me through it. I had to remember I named my brand DETERMINED for a reason, so you just have to keep going!!

Well, that it is!! You've hopefully had an insight into DETERTMINED Streetwear and the founder with Questions for the Founder :)

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